Nothing like a little natural disaster…

Nothing like a little Mother Nature to remind me how powerless I am. In our neck of the woods we had quite the storm this afternoon. It was short and quick, but it was truly powerful.

I got home from work only to find my power had gone out and my doggie in a full blown panic attack. He hates storms, and the added heat from not having AC just made it worse. I immediately packed my bags to to get my doggie to my cooled off parents house.

What I didn't expect was the utter mayhem in the short drive. I have never seen so many roads blocked by branches, traffic lights out, and emergency vehicles zooming around traffic. All that was missing were the zombies attacking my car. It was just eerie.

Anyhow, like I said before, nothing like a little Mother Nature to put things into perspective. This storm has left me feeling: Humble – for I am definitely not God nor am I all that powerful. Grateful: nothing majorly bad happened, everything is replaceable, power is back on, dog is safe and anxiety free and cool as a cucumber. Flexible: not once did I feel inconvenienced, I rolled with the punches and tried to make the best of a not great situation.


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