How do you refill your cup?

It was explained to me once to think of myself as a cup (hang on here). That I am a cup that is filled with water. Water can go out of the cup as well as into the cup. Everyday stressors such as work, relationships, chores…(fill in the blank here) drains the water out of my cup. However, things like prayer, meditation, and self care can refill my cup just as easily.

I often think of this metaphor. It's a simple way for me to visualize if I am expending too much energy and not taking enough time for me. For if there is nothing left in me, there is nothing to give.

At what rate does your cup drain? Do you find yourself empty from time to time? Specifically, how do you refill your cup? And more importantly, at level are you consistently keeping your cup full or empty?


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