I like to think that instead of being born an alcoholic or addict, I was born a seeker. This makes much more sense to me in the grander scheme of things. Let me explain:

In my younger drinking days I (obviously) sought alcohol. I sought until I could seek no more. I self destructed through seeking. The problem was I was seeking all the wrong things.

Luckily, I found myself in a place where they taught me to seek self knowledge and God (we all know self knowledge avails us nothing). The coupling of these two things has led me on a limitless journey where I (shockingly) improve!

I have learned that when I am feeling restless, irritable, or discontent, I will seek. Sometimes I will seek my “comforts” or even engage in character defects; however, I try to be at least willing to seek God. Seeking God is the only thing I know that a) does not hurt me, b) does not hurt anyone else, and c) will never run out.

I love the fact that I am a seeker. I get to continuously grow and change and evolve. Staying the same is not in my nature. #TYG.

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