Sober Living

 It took a few years to retrain my brain to not to go to alcohol for the solutions for all my problems or for that matter the only way to celebrate my successes. I drank when I was happy, sad, and everything inbetween. 

When upset or stressed I’ve learned to pray, talk it out, go to a meeting, exercise, walk away, or simply take a deep breath. Ultimately I know I will need to find the underlying fear underneath to process these emotions. 

The happier times was harder for me to adjust to without alcohol. I absolutely did not know how to have fun sober. Eventually I checked off almost everything that I did drinking (uhh everything) sober. It was super uncomfortable at first. But I’ve managed to make it through parties, weddings, holidays, bachelorette weekends, dates, work happy hours, concerts, random sunny days, vacations, diners…all sober…and all having the time of my life. 


2 thoughts on “Sober Living

  1. Nicely written – the days of drinking certainly made it harder to deal with daily living. Like you, I’m so pleased to have moved on since those days. It wasn’t always easy not having ‘the drink’ to turn to and there will be more hard times in future.
    But for now we aren’t drinking. That’s what matters. Have a great weekend 💙

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