Tips and Tricks: Summer BBQs

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!! I’ve had a few BBQs and festivities this weekend, despite the rain. As summer officially kicks into “party” mode, I thought I would share some tips and tricks to navigating the sober life in a world of booze. 

  • Always walk in with a plan of action. Know what your limits are, and when you’ve reached them, LEAVE. 
  • Speaking of leaving, ALWAYS have an escape route, aka, drive yourself. 
  • Go to a meeting prior to a party, or even better during or after, as a way to stay committed. 
  • Ask God for help. 
  • Tell a sober friend (even better, bring a sober friend!) about/to the party. 
  • Remember, if someone is pressuring you to drink, they most likely have a problem themselves (Normies don’t think twice why someone would NOT be drinking).  
  • Don’t go! It’s ok to say ‘No.’ 
  • Make new sober memories, that you will actually remember! You got sober to have a life, so remember to have some fun! It’s ok to do something different. 

My list is not original, mostly things I’ve heard in the rooms and my own personal experience. The book “Living Sober” has lots of great tricks for early sobriety if you want some good 3 day weekend reading. 


P.S. Anyone have any other tips for navigating the summer party scene?

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