Importance of Fellowship

Tonight I was reminded about the importance of fellowship. We are away for Memorial Day weekend, and we visited an out of town meeting. One of the ex-locals who moved out our way in the past year is a member of my husbands homegroup. His connection plugged us right into the fellowship here. It was wonderful.

We attended a great meeting on the fifth tradition, and then we went GO-KARTING. For those of you who know me, yes this was my second time in one week. We had blast. Then we joined the rest of the regulars at a local restaurant for fried food and ice cream. There is nothing like 12-step fellowship to make complete strangers feel totally welcome.

It was a great reminder how blessed I am to have my network of people at home. We work hard on our recovery, and we also play hard. We also take seriously the responsibility of keeping open arms to newcomers and visitors who cross our paths.

Is there a group of members who regularly head out for the meeting after the meeting? If so, I highly suggest tagging along. While fellowship alone cannot get or keep you sober, it is certainly a big help!


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