You Can Hear Your Story

People say in the rooms all the time, if you come around long enough, you will hear your story. This statement leaves a lot of room for interpretation (probably intentionally!). It could mean I will meet one person who shares a lot of my story. I think it can also mean that eventually if I stick around long enough that I’ll hear all the parts of my story from many people. It’s definitely a tactic to get newcomers to start relating in versus comparing out. Well done old-timers!

For my first trick, I had to become convinced that I was an alcoholic. It’s easy for me to deny things I hear. I’m not sure if you have heard this before, but I heard that the “ism” in alcoholism stands for “incredibly short memory”. This is me all the way especially on a topic that the disease has ahold of me.

I tell myself things like maybe I don’t remember clearly? Perhaps I misinterpreted?

I had to do more than hear my story. I think it’s also true that you can find your story in the literature. I am part of the AA 12-step fellowship, so I live in the text Alcoholics Anonymous – aka “the big book”. I found my story in there. Hello author of “Student of Life”, you are me and I am you. Thank you for putting my story undeniably in black and white for me to read. Take that disease! There it was, no denying that I too am alcoholic.

Funny story, the first time I heard my sponsor share her story at a meeting she said her story was in the Big Book. Silly me, I thought it meant she was actually one of the published stories. She in fact, is not published in the big book. It took an embarrassing amount of time to figure this out. I never fail to appreciate my higher power’s sense of humor.

Which is your story? Who do you most relate to?


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