Social Media Stay

It’s official. The social media stay (less the blog of course!) has ended. About two weeks ago, curiosity started creeping in, and without thinking I popped in on Facebook to see some wedding pictures. Shortly followed by a visit to my old pal Instagram, and then lastly the snap chat. It was time to come clean.

The good news is that this whole experiment doesn’t feel like a failure. It was just a break from routine to try something new. I’m glad I did it, and you know I might just do it again. Maybe not right now, but who knows when!?

Wondering what I took away from my experience? Here are the lessons I learned by abstaining from social media:

  • Without social media, I am more genuinely connected to my fellows. In such a public forum, I’m not much of a sharer. I am afraid, and I just watch others. In a smaller setting, I am more likely to put myself out there and attempt to make worthwhile connections to my fellows.
  • I multi-task a lot less. Anyone else out there watch TV or a movie and browse their phones at the same time?
  • I talk to God A LOT more. In general, my spiritual game jumped up. I spent more time reading and none scrolling my phone.
  • I didn’t miss it, until I missed it. I see some journaling in my future to take a look at what led me back.

Already thinking about stopping again….



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