Does anyone else feel like you are a seeker? Even before I ever first picked up a drink, I was seeking. Peace, comfort, serenity…contentment. I found this somewhat when I started drinking. I also find this somewhat in a lot of my character defects. Unfortunately, seeking too much alcohol (or anything else) leads to disaster. Not only does the well dry up, but I leave a tornado pain. 
Thankfully, through this program I have been taught to seek God. When I seek God, it is a replenishing well and only blessings are left behind. Through God I have found exactly what I was looking for all along. Peace, comfort, serenity… contentment. Do you think I’ve been seeking God this entire time? We’re you born a seeker, too?


p.s. (These are my shower thoughts). Is anyone else a deep shower thinker?

2 thoughts on “Seeking

  1. Nice writing. The question you’ve raised in my mind was, WHY was I a seeker? I used to use wine as my way to ‘relax/distress/socialise…’ and the delusional list goes on.
    Now, I know none of that to be true – alcohol certainly didn’t offer me peace.
    The reason I was seeking these things from alcohol is because I had low self confidence. I didn’t know how to truely relax. Truely do a bunch of things. So I’d address them with wine…
    But now I’m over four months without alcohol. I do so much more than I ever could with wine! So, you’ve helped me realise that what I was seeking was within me all along. Thank you ❤️


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