Boy was I tired today. Work has been a little stressful this week (ahhh it’s only Wednesday!) and I was out late last night with my buddies at the diner (and by late I am talking 10pm…it’s a school night!). Unfortunately, when I got home from work today I did not have any leftovers to heat up or clean clothes for tomorrow. And I really, really, did not want to do a darn thing. 

Ugh. Cooking and chores is the last thing I wanted to do tonight. Old behaviors would have been find some carry out and the least dirty outfit for the next day. I definitely thought about it. Instead, I went for the path of least resistance. I threw almost all of the contents of my fridge in the oven (the laziest form of cooking) and started a load of laundry (the easiest of chores). 

Even with the most minimal of effort I felt really good and accomplished about my decisions. I keep finding the hardest part of (almost) anything I do is the part that is in my head. I quite excellent at building a mountain out of a molehill.  The actual act of something is never the effort I equate with it in my head.  Sounds like I need to do less thinking and more doing. 


P.S. -Also lounged around and rested like a nobodies business. It was awesome. Dinner was delish. And tomorrow I won’t smell. Win win. 

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