Spiritual Principles

Everyone talks about applying the steps and spiritual principles in our lives and in our programs. I mean the twelfth step even says, “practice these principles in all our affairs”. But where do I find these principles?

In our Al-anon group discussion tonight, yes folks, double winner right here, it was a point of conversation on how there is a pretty limited printing of the principles. The only place in literature we could come up with a list of principles was Drop the Rock (great job Kathy!).

Drop the Rock is non-conference approved literature, but it is a really great book on Steps 6 and 7 (more on that later). The introduction includes a list which links a spiritual principle to each step:

  • Step One – Honesty
  • Step Two – Hope
  • Step Three – Faith
  • Step Four – Courage
  • Step Five – Integrity
  • Step Six – Willingness
  • Step Seven – Humility
  • Step Eight – Brotherly Love
  • Step Nine- Justice
  • Step Ten – Perserverance
  • Step Eleven – Spiritual Awareness
  • Step Twelve – Service

Learning the principles for each of the steps has offered another dimension of meditation and prayer to my step work. Right now, my focus is on Step 4 and in connecting it to the spiritual principle of courage certainly puts things a little more in perspective.

I hope the list provides you the same!





4 thoughts on “Spiritual Principles

  1. So true about the principles. Most historians say that the origin of the list of principles that are printed on AA pocket cards and in twelve-step literature like Drop the Rock is unknown. It’s also said in some twelve-step literature that the principles are the opposite of character defects. The origins of AA’s principles can also be traced back to the oxford group’s Four Absolutes and the 5 C’s.

    What I like about AA literature and the principles is that they are there, the text identifies principles, you just have to find them.



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