Imagine a small amount of favorite condiment spread all over a slice of bread. That’s me.

Yes folks, I’m spread a little thin right now. The craziness at work just continues to continue with no end in sight. Each day it seems we will make progress on our project… just to find a new problem and hit the reset button all over again. I’m tired, annoyed, and at moments it feels like we will never get to the end.

It’s been a great reminder to apply the principle of one day at a time (thanks sponse!). This concept has a couple of pieces for me. Taking me back to the days of getting physically sober, I remember just not getting a drink one minute, one hour, one day at a time. I only had to make it ONE DAY not drinking, and the rest was not mine to consider.

Today, one day at a time for me looks more like just being present with my feet. I don’t need to worry about what has passed or consider the moments not yet to come. I am exactly where I am supposed to be and that’s it. There is seriously some great magic and being right sized (hello humility!) that happens for me when I am being present in myself and the moment. There is even an element of what I have come to know as “turning it over” that happens for me.

Keeping it head over feet…just for today.


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