Progress not Perfection

In chatting with a friend today, I was reminded that all I am promised in my efforts to work the steps and the program is progress.

I get all mixed up in trying to get to reach my goal and come to my destintation, literally and figuratively. I become sucked into the vortex of driving to the finish line, and I forget to enjoy the journey. When I get to the end, then what? Plan the next thing? Be happy finally?

For me, life is the journey. It’s where I find my higher power, when I slow down enough to let it in. My attitude on this WILL make or break my recovery for the day.

While I may never arrive, I do get to move forward, and today, probably for the first time, PROGRESS felt like enough. WOW! I am actually so excited about it that I wish I could transfer my feelings and my lesson to you!

Talk about some growth for this alcoholic. Hope you all had an equally enlightening day.



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