Let’s talk about sleep, baby. 

So let’s talk about sleep. When I was drinking I just mostly napped on and off all night and day and also suffered from restless leg syndrome. When I quit drinking, the restless legs went away immediately; however it took many years of work and trial and error to consistently have a good nights sleep. So here are MY personal rules and boundaries for zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz:

  • First and formost; I did a lot of work to get rid of those racing thoughts in my head. This mostly consisted of working the twelve steps. Being at peace with myself allows for a clear mind for bed. When I do have trouble falling asleep, I know it is time to do some work. 
  • No caffeine past 1 pm. I’ve tested these waters A LOT. 1 pm is my limit. 2 pm caffeine will keep me UP. Apparently I am very sensitive to caffeine. Shocking. 
  • Wake up at a decent hour….ALWAYS.  I can get off schedule real quick. My default setttings want me to sleep past noon (I kid you not). This is the hardest part for me. 
  • To wake up at a decent hour, GO TO BED AT A DECENT HOUR! (see above about the caffeine thing).  Yes, I have bed times for myself, especially on school nights. 

That’s it. Like I said, th as are my rules for me. Basically it’s go to bed on time, wake up at a decent hour, limit caffeine, and talk about my feelings. Despite the simplicity of this, it truely did take about 4 years into sobriety for me to figure out this winning combination. 

To a great nights sleep,


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