I have been walking outside a lot more now that I have moved. My work commute involves about a 10 minute walk as well as two long walks a day with the pupper. What I am rediscovering is how much walking (specifically outside) is such a positive catalyst in my life. 

My walks have become meditative. Especially now that it is Spring I love watching the flowers bloom and listen to the birds chirp. I like to take note of all the small changes each day, which add up full garden blooms or a canopy of leaves.  It’s incredibly hard not to be grateful seeing and hearing all of God’s handiwork.

Despite my very leisurely walks, it always puts me in the mood to exercise. The hardest part of exercising for me is to just start. After my walk I always find myself already in work out clothes and tennis shoes. My walk acts as a perfect precursor more some more intense work. 

After I exercise I always want to eat a nice and healthy home cooked meal. I usually cook a bunch of food and throw it over some lettuce and eat away. I always cook enough for lots and lots of leftovers. 

By then I am usually tuckered out for bed. I rarely have sleeping problems (that could be a whole different post) but I always seem more rested the next morning when I take care of myself. 

I feel somewhat like the mouse in the book, “If You Give A Mouse A Cookie,” except it’s, “If You Give C a Walk.” Starting with just a leisurely walk outside I have gotten some fresh air, prayed, meditated, exercised, ate a healthy meal, prepared for the next meal, and became ready for bed. This catalyst all began from meeting the needs of my dog. I give and care for my pup; yet I receive so much more. I am so blessed and grateful for my walks. Does anyone have sometime in their life that acts as a catalyst?


2 thoughts on “Catalysts

  1. Nice thoughts, thank you for sharing. Sounds like the outdoors are having so may positive flow on effects for you – from healthy meals to sleep to inner wellbeing. Would love to see photos! 🌺🌸💐

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