The Sniff Test

It has been my experience that first comes physical sobriety. Second comes emotional sobriety. I find emotional sobriety to be an illusive little sucker. I often give it away without even realizing.

Right now, AA life is good. My family life is good. Physical health good. Work is nuts. I have a high bottom problem scenario going on. It’s been a hectic few weeks with at least a few more to go.

When I start to find myself in a situation, I call my sponsor for advice. I’m quickly approaching 10 years and almost 10 months sober, and I still call my sponsor on an almost weekly basis.  When I bring a challenging situation to her, she nails me with what I know as the sniff test. It’s just a quick little check list to help me keep things right sized. She has me ask myself three questions:

  1. Is this good for me physically?
  2. Is this good for me spiritually?
  3. Is this good for me emotionally?

They are so simple that it’s hard for me not to answer these questions honestly. If the answer is no to any of these questions, I have some serious chatting to do with my higher power and probably some changes to make.

Sniffing it over…



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