Think Through The Drink

Alcohol does not stop me from many things in life these days. So when a good (normie) friend invited me to her birthday party, I of course said “Yes!”  I’ve been friends with said friend for over a decade and despite our different lifestyles, I wanted to be there for her birthday.

This birthday party (as many normie parties do) involved some alcohol.  Pizza first then LOTS of drinking. I knew this going into the party, and went prepared with a plan. I made sure I drove my own car (escape plan) and already planned ahead of time to leave after the pizza portion and before the drinking got out of control.

So I went to the party, had a blast and ate some pizza. What I wasn’t expecting was how intoxicating the ‘party’ can be even without alcohol. When the drinking started, I didn’t immediately leave as planned. The drinking wasn’t bothering me, everyone was very welcoming, and we were jamming to a sweet 90’s playlist. Pretty quickly my disease started talking. Oh wow, this was just like my drinking days. I had so much fun, this is what your missing out, remember the good days? This took about a whole 20 minutes. My disease works FAST.

Then all my good sober training, and God, kicked in. It was a WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING HERE kind of moment. NOPE. Those good days came with a VERY high price including but not limited to failing school, suicide attempts, lost relationships, and a general hatred of myself.

I have lost my privilege to drink; therefore, being around people who are intentionally getting drunk is not a place for me to be. I immediately thanked the birthday girl, and made an exit. As quickly as the desire had come for my drinking days, the desire for my sober life returned.

I have been taught to Think Through The Drink. When my mind thinks drinking is a good idea, or starts romanticing anything related to drinking, I then go through the entire drinking story. Not just stop at the fun times.

I am grateful for reminders like last night from God. Every now and then I need a good reminder that yes indeed, I am still just a drunk. I am not immune from thoughts of alcohol even with many 24 hours under my belt. I went home, thanked God, then went to bed. Today I spent time with God, family, another alcoholic, and went to a meeting. Life is back to it’s wonderful normalcy.


10 thoughts on “Think Through The Drink

  1. Thanks for sharing. I had a similar thing happen to me last weekend and I am glad I’m not the only one.

    I didn’t have so much temptation to drink, just a lot of anger when things got out of control.

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    1. Oh goodness, I’ve been there before. That is usually why I avoid drunk people, they are so unpredictable (shocking)!

      It doesn’t bother me when I have any sort of urge to drink, just a simple reminder that’s I’m not immune to alcohol! Back to step 1, I am powerless over (thoughts) of alcohol; therefore, I’m an alcoholic.


  2. Great post as usual, thanks so much! Thinking through the drink is so powerful. You were well prepared and exiting after a while sounded like a great strategy. The benefits of taking your own car! Keep up the great work and please keep writing, your inspirational stories are so helpful ✨✨✨

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  3. Great reminder. Think through the drink is much catchier than other phrases I know like “play the tape forward” that I think capture the same idea. Thanks for your experience! I feel like I caught a meeting this morning. And I needed that to start my day.

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