Life Beyond My Wildest Dreams

One of the promises is a life beyond my wildest dreams. I believed this when people told me when I was new; however, this was a little hard for me to grasp. You see, I never had dreams. Even before I ever picked up a drink I had a very hard time picturing anything for myself in the future. Knowing now what I now know, it all boiled down to “I’m not good enough.”  How sad is it to think your not even good enough to dream. Luckily, things have changed (with a lot of work).  

I do indeed have a life beyond my wildest dreams. It looks very different than I ever thought (no alcohol? Happiness? Content? Half of my friends are twice my age?). Even if I was dreaming it wouldn’t have looked like this. It’s nice to have dreams these days, even if they turn out completely different. In the end it’s the feelings I was always yearning for. The feeling of peace in my heart. 


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