Every morning I wake up and look at a prayer card for St. Francis. I was at my home group one night, and about five minutes into the meeting I spotted two women looking a little lost in the hallway (aren’t we all a little lost in the “hallway?”). Anyhoo, I snuck out and asked if they were looking for the meeting and pulled them in. After the meeting the two women profusely thanked me for finding them, as they had driven over an hour to hear the speaker, and were about to leave until I found them. As a thank you, one of the women gave me the St. Francis prayer card. I never saw those two women again; however, through the gifts of the program we will always be connected. 

For it is in giving that we receive

So every morning I look at the St. Francis prayer card and it immediately sets the tone and my intentions for the day. It reminds me that my default factory setting is selfishness. I want everything to be about me, and the way to correct that is by being selfless and of service through God. 

I need constant reminders of this, as I forget easily (default factory setting).  That is why I put the prayer card out in a place I see it every morning. When I first got sober, I would have to set alarms on my phone for me to pray everyday. What do you do to remind yourself of your sobriety?


4 thoughts on “Reminders

  1. What a sweet daily reminder.. That is one of my favorite prayers.. For me as of late, I write 3 things I’m grateful for and my intention for the day.. I keep it simple and just try to stay in the moment.. xo

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