Wake Up Calls

So I just lost my purse. OH WELL. This makes my life slightly more inconvenient, however it’s not worth my time or energy to get upset over it. I’ll do my due diligence and cancel my bank cards, get a new license, then move on, but not before learning my lesson.

You see, I’ve been a little busy this week with moving, starting the new job, and keeping up with life. Tired, to say the least. So when my brother called me after work and asked to go to see a speaker tonight, I paused, and then said “Sure,” knowing in the pit of my stomach this was probably a good idea. But like any good alcoholic I can rationalize anything. My brother never calls me, sounds interesting, free ticket, this is probably a once  in a lifetime opportunity. Anyhoo, I went and had a great time, and then I left my purse in the auditorium. I didn’t realize this till I got home. After a search in the auditorium, parking lots, and cars…no purse…and that’s ok.

I also believe that God gives me nudges, winks, warnings, and slaps to the face, in order for me to avoid total disasters. Being tired was my nudge, the wink was the pit in my stomach, losing my purse was definitely a slap to my face. Ok God, I am getting the message. Relax, slow down, cut back.  With that, I am going to bed, and not going to put anything else on my schedule.


4 thoughts on “Wake Up Calls

  1. The last time this happened to me I was pregnant with Fable and I beat myself up over it something terrible. Funnily enough I never seemed to lose my shit when I was blackout drunk. Although often I would find my bag and phone on the garden path, right outside my front door. I lost 2 phones to the rain that way. I don’t carry anything personal in my purse (you mean purse in the Uk sense right? Not bag?) because I had a special photo of my brother and I in my last lost purse that I hadn’t scanned and it upset me so much. It’s great you haven’t let it get to you.

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