Keeping it Real

Quitting drinking and drugs is just the beginning of recovery. For me, what comes after is learning how to correct my thinking. Thank GOD for other people in the program to help with this seemingly impossible task. They slice through my SICK SICK thinking like a hot knife through butter.

A close friend of mine refers to it as “holding up the mirror”, and I love that phrase because it helps me visualize the gentle act of what happens when someone from the program calls me on my sick thinking. They just reflect back to me exactly what is happening in reality – nothing more – nothing less.

Today, I THOUGHT was having a shitty day today. I was making mountains out of mole hills, and yes folks, I nearly had a melt down over some chicken. I didn’t execute MY health and fitness plan for the day, and work asked so much of me that I literally laughed in someone’s face.

I reached out to a friend for support. I texted her throughout the day, and she kept it real. She was so damn rational! Her behavior today was a great reminder for me how to keep it right sized and why I stay close to my WE.

Keeping it real today with a little help from my friends…



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