God’s Gravity

I call my higher power he, him, his, and God. It’s just simpler. My high school grammar class taught me that “he” is sort of the baseline pronoun. Truthfully, my God has no gender, and these days I like to think of him more as an energy, entity, or force. He has no one name, face, or form, but he’s powerful.

One time, I heard someone describe God as the wind. You can’t see the wind itself, but its impacts can be seen all around. This is my experience with my higher power. One of the many ways I see God in my life is when he pulls people toward or away from me.

I have many times in sobriety felts the pains of someone being removed from the inner circles of my life. It’s usually a process; it’s short sometimes and long others. Sometimes it’s the result of recognizing what’s best for me and setting boundaries, and learning that not everyone can deal with that type or relationship. I have also experience that while sometimes those changes seem permanent that is not ALWAYS the case.

On the flip side, I find that God will make use of this room to bring others closer to me. While no major change has occurred recently, this past week I do not find it a coincidence that MANY of my network are currently out of commission. A few sick, some on vacation, and others just busy. Instead of the cheese stands alone, this left two of us pal-ing around all week. We both just leaned into the opportunity, and it’s been a joy. It’s been a wonderful to get to know a new friend just a little better. Seriously, what a blessing!?

Leaning into the G-force…






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