How do I carry the message of AA?

Do you ever feel called to something?

It’s the coolest feeling when in the moment, I realize I am supposed to be exactly where I am for a specific reason AND I can see the reason. HELLO GOD! It’s generally only ever this clear for me when I meet certain newcomers.

When this happens to me with a newcomer at a meeting, I do four things:

  1. Introduce myself  – I introduce myself because, duh, where else would you start. If I’m able I try to share enough about myself to relate and make them feel welcome.
  2. Buy them a big book  – I buy them the Big Book, also known as Alcoholics Anonymous, the basic text of the Alcoholics Anonymous program. Someone bought me my first big book, and it rolled around my trunk while I drank and drove for a year. When it did come time for me to read it, I related to the contents of the book so much. The language is a bit antiquated, but the message was clear. I have alcoholism. I am sick not bad. I belong here. I am not alone. There is a solution.
  3. Circle all the most awesome meetings in our area in a directory – I was pretty young when I got sober, and my area has an AMAZING set of meetings where young people frequent. I spent a while learning where the best meetings for me were located, and I try to share that whenever possible. Getting hooked in with the right people was KEY to my sobriety and making fellowship part of my life.
  4. Turn over the outcome – AA saved my life, and gave me a life worth living. This is not lip service; as I type this, I could almost cry. People in the meetings put themselves out there to help me at every meeting I went to. I put myself out there because even if today isn’t your day to get sober; it IS my responsibility to make you feel welcome and carry the message of AA.

Giving it away to keep it and LOVING IT…




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