The Little Things

I’ve been finding myself hearing, “it’s all the little things” over and over. When I hear things on repeat, that’s when I know God is speaking to me, I better pay attention! 

I read an article sometime this week which spoke about relationships. It stressed the importance of keeping up the small things as in complimenting your partner, saying “I love you,” and making room for date nights a priority. 

I read another article about being successful/productive/awesome (you get the point) and it highlighted getting really good at the every day stuff. This included cooking, exercising, financial planning, and cleaning. The small stuff. 

Driving home tonight after a long weekend of work at house, my Mom said to me, “You know? It’s all the small stuff that really adds up.” I’ve painted almost every wall, ceiling, and molding in that house the past few weekends (only one more to go!) and boy does it make a difference. 

So God, I am getting the message. Focus on the small stuff. Can do, Boss. For me this includes a morning daily reader, eating vegetables, a greatful heart, talking to other alcoholics, movement, fresh air, prayer, and a small reflection at the end of the day. These are my non-negotibles. I’m gonna get real good at the small stuff. 


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