The Neutral Zone

I have heard it said before,”God doesn’t close one door without opening another”. I have also heard it said before, “the wait in the hallway is hell”.  There are transitionary times in my recovery, where the only extraordinary things happening are the ordinary ones, and I brace for a long stay in the hallway. This is how I feel today.

In my daily reading, I was drawn to the spiritual principle of patience, and I picked up the Alcoholics Anonymous literature Daily Reflections. The quote that stood out to me tonight was, “Discouragement is a warning signal that I may have wandered across the God line.”  I loved this line because it gave me a word that touches on how I’m feeling today, and it kind of put me in my place – like in a good way.

It brought to the forefront for me where I stop and where the rest of the world begins.

It reminded me that things in the neutral zone are actually kind of… nice.

Part of the WE that I know in the program means WE take turns. Sometimes we fly high on life transitioning into new phases reaching the conclusion of hard worked for events in our lives or stumbling across some amazing luck.

Sometimes we experiencing spiritual pain like we have not yet known.

And sometimes, we hang out in the neutral zone. It’s here that I get to enjoy the little things in life. I get to celebrate with my WE who have amazing life things bubbling up. I also get to support my WE who are in need. What a blessing – I hope to hang here for a while.


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