I work in a job where all day people ask me how I am doing. My typical response is either “Living the dream,” or “Just another day in paradise.” I say that semi-sarcastically depending on the day (Monday much more than Friday).  I started saying this on the craziest, busiest of days, in hopes I could trick myself into some positive thinking. Sometimes it worked and sometimes it did not, but at least I was trying. 

The typical response was either, “really?” or a smile and a chuckle. However, today I got something I was not expecting, “I wish I had a better paradise.” WHOA.  Debbie Downer had a good point…there are definitely some days I wish I was chilling on the beach, regretting that I must work inside 40 hours a week. 

Anyhoo, what I realized right that second was that I truely am living the dream…and this IS my paradise. Right now paradise is working in an office.  Furthermore, I am the only one who can decide what my definition of paradise is. And for the most part, my life is pretty effin awesome. And what makes it awesome is my decision that it is…aka my attitude. 

I have a (non-program) friend who likes to say, “I only got one trip on planet Earth!” I am slowly grasping, that I really, truely, only have today. I have no guarantees of tomorrow. My life is so so so precious, I do not want to waste one second being miserable and full of self-centered fear at all. Living by spiritual principles is not always the easiest of choices; however, it does have the biggest return on investment for this drunk. 

Despite the fact I am not basking in the sun on the beach (hello goals!), I definitely am living the dream, in paradise (going to work under fluorescent lights). 


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