To Myself Be True

One of the things on the back of an AA coin is the phrase, “To thine own self be true”. This is a powerful phrase for me, and I am sure you will hear me reference it often. I believe that this phrase is a big piece of what it means to have a spiritual awakening. I believe THIS is what being in recovery is really all about.

Sure, at the beginning it was all about figuring out how to live without a drink, but for me this is just the START of the spiritual journey. Alcohol and drugs blocked the sunlight to my spirit just like the basic text of Alcoholics Anonymous says. I needed to step out into the light in order to make an effort at this spiritual stuff. I have heard it said that the same man will drink again, and it is in this spiritual work that I found the real me.

When I open myself up to it, God shows me who I am, and in SO MANY ways, I have become who I always wanted to be. I am ballsy. I am smart. I am OCD. I am financially responsible. I am silly. I am lovable. I am creative. I am perfectionist. I am beautiful. I am nice. I am reliable. I am a recovering alcoholic. I am so much more. I am me.

Thank you AA – #TYG



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