New Normals

Someone asked me today what I typically do on Saturday nights. “Uhhh….sleep? Sometimes dinner,” I responded.  She caught me off guard, as what to do on a Saturday night has not been a problem in a long time. However, getting sober at the ripe old age of 21 has definitely changed how I define fun.

Going through my 20’s never attending a bar crawl, I had to learn to redefine fun. I learned in sobriety, to fill my days up with activities, tuckering myslef out by nightfall.  Meetings and the meeting after the meeting usually involve some of the biggest belly laughs and best friendships I never made while drinking. 

I can’t remember the last time I thought to myself, “I wish I stayed up later last night.” Nor do I miss sleeping the day away with a hangover. By the end of a weekend of drinking I felt terrible about the amount of money I spent and the crappy things I did (or wasting away doing absolutely nothing). I will gladly trade the night life for the sunshine any weekend. 

My life is definitely different from normal. No better or worse than the average, just different. Different that I do not go to bar crawls, yet different that I get to have spiritual experiences. I went to the bar to feel freedom from the bondage of self….which led me to the rooms…which is where I truely found freedom.  


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