Bueller, Bueller, Bueller….

I sign attendance sheets all the time. I sign in at work conferences, important meetings, DIY work shops, probation – lots of places. One place I have never signed in is at an AA meeting.

This past week the church where my homegroup meets asked us to make everyone sign an attendance roster. *Insert head scratches*

If your first question is, what’s a homegroup? That I can help with! A home group is a meeting where you attend weekly. It is a meeting where you get a job and do more than just show up for the meeting. It’s a place where you make more of an effort to connect to AA (or other fellowship). As a member of a homegroup, you get to cast a vote in what is called the “group conscious”. We vote on things like jobs, basket donation distribution percentages, and you guessed it – starting an attendance roster.

If your second question is, what is the church thinking? I’m sorry I cannot help with that. My initial reaction was that can’t be right? Are they really asking us to do an attendance sheet? The entire group conscious reacted similarly – cautiously inquisitive.

We had a group conscious and collected our questions for the church, and sure enough they want an attendance roster from us each week. The group is firm in our response that this does not work for us. Think of the traditions! What about all the new comers who may never come back?


Fellow anonymous 12-steppers, how would you react to this news? If you had to sign in at an AA meeting, would you have ever come back? Does it make you re-think your behavior at some meetings if you knew it might impact the meeting’s ability to host AA meetings at a church?  What do you guys think?


3 thoughts on “Bueller, Bueller, Bueller….

    1. It is AA! You NAILED IT. We are already looking for a new place to move. Everyone considered writing whatever names down, but we all agreed that its not spiritual! UHH! Right?!

      Interestingly enough someone mentioned a meeting in Seatle where they signed in and kept the list themselves to call on people with sobriety in the current month. Fun fact.

      That said, we are all strong in our resolve to move! Guess its Gods plan! We already have a few potential places!

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