Will you be my Valentine? (Yes, I know I am a day late…OH WELL).  For about a half of a second a week ago I felt sorry for myself about being single and not having anyone to share this day with.  Then, I was thinking how wonderful it was in elementary school when everyone was everyone’s valentine, soooooo…..that is exactly what I did.  What a coincidence (or not) that my home group just so happened to fall on Valentine’s Day!

Instead of focusing on what I did not have, I started focusing on what I did have and what I could do about it.  What I did have was about 30 fantastic women to spend my evening with.  What I could do was go buy a pack of Valentine’s day cards and some candy.  I started to get so excited for my little surprise I was planning.  It brought me such joy to go and pick out a $3 pack of cards for everyone, write on the back of each card and taping a piece of candy to it.  It was such a delight to be able to give out love last night, instead of looking for love from someone else.

Which reminds me of the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi (look it up if you don’t know it…Google or the 11th step in the 12 and 12 or the Bible) which to me, boils down to it is better to give rather than receive.  What does the Saint Francis prayer mean to you? How do you send love into the world?  Does joy come from something you receive? Or does joy come from giving?




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