Yesterday was a big day for my little family. Our sober dog had an outpatient surgery to have a cancerous tumor removed from her leg. She’s an older gal. We have seen her through a near death heart issue diagnosis, so she’s something of a higher risk patient.

I started the day out focusing on ONLY positivity, sending healing thoughts her way, and reaching out to St. Francis (patron saint of animals). I maintained this composure until about 1330 when the diseased thinking crept in. F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real.

Thankfully, I reached out to C immediately and shared. She sliced up that fear with all kinds of logical reasoning that when my disease starts creeping in I am unable to connect to on my own. Thanks C.

Within 30 minutes, we got the news that she was all done, they got good margins on the tumor and we could pick her up soon.


This experience just reminded me of the power of F.E.A.R – False Evidence Appearing Real and the fact that its a WE program. I can waste so much emotional energy fretting over things that are not real, but when I am in my we, my F.E.A.R becomes my other favorite fear slogan, Face Everything And Recover.

Anyone else out there have more acronyms for fear?


2 thoughts on “F.E.A.R.

  1. Well….there is the old acronym for fear that involves “…..everything and run.” That would return me to sticking my head in the sand, and then of course I could not even breathe when I did that years ago. So Face Everything and Recover has become much more prudent. For me having a solid 3rd step, where I began to trust God with EVERYTHING, not just some things, is where the fear began to lessen, until today it just is not around. For me, Faith and Fear can not abide within me at the same time.
    The “jury” is out on a medical condition that I have, and it either is or isn’t going to mean surgery. Maybe cancer, maybe not. Either way God will bring me though it as He always has. No room for fear. Can’t imagine life without Step 3.

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