I got 99 problems…

and a drink ain’t one! I often forget that these days I hang out in high bottom problem land. I took a trip down memory lane by chance this weekend, when I inadvertently drove by the first place I remember getting drunk. It was a random Burger King bathroom next door to an underaged club. It was a pretty BIG reminder that it’s been a decade since I was dealing with issues like…

  • Drinking against my will on a daily basis
  • Regularly crashing my car
  • Getting arresting, facing legal issues, and probation
  • Not having a drivers license
  • Having a family who I actively hurt and who didn’t trust me
  • Doing the walk of shame across state lines
  • Unshakeable feeling of hopelessness

If I was able to persevere through these challenges with the help of my higher power and the program, then I can DEFINITELY navigate high bottom land. I have heard it said in meetings before that if we all threw our problems into a hat that I would want to pull mine back out. This is so true for me. It’s FAR from perfect, but today I am truly blessed with a life I never imagined for myself. I’ll take it!




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