So this week (and for the next month or so) has been filled with unexpected (well more than expected) renovations to my very old home and tomorrow I have a job interview. It is an understatement to say that I am in a bit of a transition of my life.     There was a time in my life (ahem…just a few months ago) where I was desperately trying to control this transition. I needed to know exactly where I would be working (preferably 3 months in advance), my income, where I would be living and was demanding to God that I know. 

Let me tell you something, all I got was bunch of frustration. It was a bit rediculous of me…wondering why no one wanted an interview after ONE WEEK of applying for jobs. I mean, don’t they know how amazing I am? I was definitely not being patient, demanding too much, controling the uncontrollable, not living in the present and overall not trusting God’s plan for me. 

After making myself sick, I finally let go and let God. My ego needed some dismantling. I needed that so I could let go of my plan and make room for whatever God has in store for me. This usually means putting in the work and letting go of the results. 

So tomorrow I will do my homework and go to the job interview with no expectations. If I get it, Awesome! If not, at the very least I needed some interview practice and obviously God has something better around the corner. 

As for the renovations, my initial plans included painting and cleaning, and somehow morphed into installing recessed lighting and needing to find a flooring solution. This was so off my radar, but #TYG by letting go of my plan I end up with so much more than I ever dreamt of

I am so blessed that my problems these days revolve around whether I should refinish my hardwoods or instal laminate and either do just the kitchen or the whole first floor (and on a budget). Whoa is me.  This being said, I know this is a direct result in trusting God, putting in the work, and waiting. I could have not orchestrated any of this even if I tried. 


2 thoughts on “Transitions 

  1. Thanks for sharing this with us. I am in much the same situation…My house is almost 100 years old and needs repairs and renovations, and I’m losing my job due to workforce reduction on March 31. Your past was very encouraging to me. I’m saving this post to reread! Thanks again!

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    1. So sorry to hear that. It has been my experience that sometimes God has to physically remove me from something, which usually is a bit painful. However, something better is always replaced. Keep up the hard work, and thanks for your comment and feedback!


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