The Committee

My alcoholic and dis-eased thinking shows up in the form of negative story lines. They have been ON BLAST this week as things have been a little stressful coupled with a change in routine at the homestead. We had a sick pup, who is on the mend #TYG.

The shift left me in strictly virtual interactions and alone with my thoughts for a couple of days. The committee took advantage and has been working overtime. I caught myself accepting responsibility and apologizing for things real and imagined.

The self centered thinking has been reigning the thought box, and the trickiest part is that it speaks in my voice. It says things like, “I’m stupid”, “I’m sorry”, and “Nobody likes me”. Previous step work has helped me summed it all up into one line, “I am not enough”.

My sponsor has taught me that any form of negative thinking is from my disease of alcoholism and addiction. Thankfully, today I am able recognize the rut after a few days and step up my game on my step work and spiritual program.

Here’s to some POSITIVE affirmations, and my daily reprieve – the work is never done.


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