Word of the Year – 2017

Ever heard anyone share about how they pick a word for the year and then use it as an area of focus? I have. I guess a few years ago one of the groups of women who I know from the rooms started sharing their focus. Often they throw out a topic that is also a spiritual principle such as words like gratitude, humility, and acceptance.

I have never practiced this as part of my program before now. However, this year one word just keeps POPPING in my head like a nag. CONSISTENCY. You better believe I see the irony. Have I mentioned my higher power has jokes?

Clearly my God has decided I should give this word some focus, and I concede. Will I focus on this word all year? Perhaps or perhaps not. It’s hanging around for now though, and I am alright with it. I agree that there is some work to be done here.

Anyone else out there have a focus for the day, week, month, year? Care to share?


PS – Disconnecting to Reconnect exercise still going strong – one week down. Biggest benefit so far is my relationship with my spouse has drastically improved. Thinking about adopting the change for longer!

2 thoughts on “Word of the Year – 2017

  1. I’ve been rolling around the words of SHINE and BLOOM. Can’t do either of those things with cocktails.
    Love hearing your “plan” is working… my husband and I just discussed turning off all news outlets after 7pm. I’ve been down the Media Rabbit Hole these past few days.


    1. Merry – what great focuses! So positive! Also, I can totally relate to needing a break from the news. Every time it comes on I catch myself quoting, “and we resigned from the debating society”. Of course in the literature its about finding a higher power, but I like to apply it all around. 🙂


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