Lessons From a Two Year Old

I got to spend some time today with my 2 year old nephew; and what a joy it was to watch him discover the world. He came down to my neighborhood for the afternoon I suggested we go for a walk. He was reluctant to walk in the opposite direction from Daddy and Mom Mom, but with a little encouragement he came with me. Little did he know, there was a playground right around the corner, to which we were headed. He dragged his feet along the way, complained a little, but kept on walking. As soon as he saw the playground he enthusiastically ran towards it, and proceeded to make new friends, slide down slides, learn to climb rope, and played to his heart’s content. He quickly forgot about wanting to be with Daddy and was enjoying the gifts of walking in the opposite direction.

This reminded me of my pattern of letting go of my normal (reluctantly), trusting (sometimes nervously, often blindly, and always with a little temper tantrum), and learning what is at the end of a journey is always so much better than what I could have ever imagined. Letting go of old, albeit comfortable, ideas is scary, but always worth it.


P.S. Do you think I’ll ever drop the tantrum and just trust?

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