It works, it really does!

Tomorrow, my sponsor celebrates 17 years sober. WOW. For those who aren’t savvy at math that 6,205 days, sober, like in a row. Congratulations Sponse!

When I met this very special person, I was a shell. My spirit light had dimmed so much that I thought it went out. I was lost in every sense of the word. She helped me find myself again by sharing AA’s message with me through step work, guiding me to my higher power, and leading by example.

AA tells us we have to give it away to keep it. I believe she does just that each and every day. I believe she is where she is because other 12-step members shared the AA message with her, and as she shares the AA message with us, we continue to share it with still more newcomers, family members, friends, co-workers, everyone. We create this positive ripple effect passing along AA’s message in place of our darkest pasts and old behaviors.

I believe anniversaries are not only a celebration of the person, but these soberversaries are a celebration that it works, it really does.

Congratulations to AA and an amazing sponsor!


2 thoughts on “It works, it really does!

  1. “It works it Really Does”……..Yup!!!!! Proof tonight!!! As I celebrated 17 years tonight I looked out and saw many faces that where here when I arrived, they showed me the way. I thus, was able eventually, to show another the way, and now I watch you show another the way…..and on it goes. Bill & Bob wanted to Keep It Simple. Thank you God that is still how it works today. One drunk helping another.

    What a BEAUTIFUL way of living One Day At A Time.

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