Oh Lordy. I am so thankful that a lot of times I have no clue what the heck is going on. Apparently, while I was working, a “tiff” ensued, and I completely missed it (Mind you I was physically sitting inbetween the tiff). So either I was in La la land or working really hard (let’s go with the latter).

I have a theory where ALL “tiffs” boil down to miscommunication, which as I found out later, was the issue.  Secondarily, this miscommunication was actually over something(one) COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!!! Which got me thinking:

A) TYG (thank you God) I do not get sucked into drama anymore, or feel the need to fix the situation. There was no need for me to stir that shit pot any more. 

B) TYG I just show up, do my job, and leave. There was a long time where I would get too emotionally attached, and have been told by my boss to care less. I am a sensitive person and can easily care too much and wreck my serenity. 

C) As my sponsor always says, an exaggerated reaction to a normal event means the reaction is NEVER over what actually took place. Dig deeper. 

D) TYG I hardly know what Drama is anymore. I shy away from drama filled people these days (yes, even my family), and usually only come in contact every now and again at work.

E) TYG I have a program that has taught me to check my feelings, keep my side of the street clean, and generally not let emotions come to a boiling point. Which is completely opposite of how I naturally operate. Crucial to avoiding drama in the first place.  

F)  Does this mean I pass the Al-Anon test? (I kid, I kid). 

To a Drama-free day,


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