Disconnecting to Reconnect

I have been feeling compelled to take a break from the phone. I do not have a personal Facebook, but I still dabble practice in addictive behaviors in other forms of social media regularly. Truthfully, at the beginning, end, and really all day long at each pause I find myself mindlessly scrolling through Instagram feeds  and Snapchats of other peoples lives, some I know personally, and some I don’t.

Don’t get me wrong, I often pause to make small talk with co-workers and work to be present with others. I am also guilty of turning to the phone numb out, avoid things, and procrastinate. Regardless, I find myself longing to make more of an effort to be present with myself and my higher power. Yet, day after day, I practice in the same old behaviors.

Starting tomorrow, I commit to a 14 day cell phone detox – a practice of disconnecting to reconnect. I expect this to be challenge to be really uncomfortable.

The Rules:

No cell phone in the bedroom. <- Motive is to change the book ends of my day

No Instagram or Snap chat <- Motive is to lean into and embrace the quiet moments of down time

No cell at meal times. <- Motive is to be more present in moment

Just thinking about this makes me uncomfortable. Anyone who wishes can feel free to join me otherwise…WISH ME LUCK! 🙂



2 thoughts on “Disconnecting to Reconnect

  1. I hear you you are so right. For me this extends to the TV (and I don’t even have cable) and like every app. There’s so much to explore for me and my ADHD already and then bring my addiction into the mix and beyond I’m done.

    I keep my Facebook because it has always kept me somewhat connected or able to connect with my friends who are in different parts of the world.

    I’m slow to text back. I try not to stop everything to text back. But it’s a balance because then sometimes I’m too slow. I limit my time before bed to just not procrastinate in checking messages I have received then set my alarm and be done. I absolutely hear you on numbing out again all those apps man. But again sometimes I need to do a better job of staying connected. I especially try to limit my phone time at work, it helps stay focused. I’m replying on the WordPress app so i can’t see your post so I may have gone off topic and strayed away from what I really liked in your post!


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