Whose Plan?

I had plans for today, I had plans that were out of my comfort zone.  I hate crowds, I do not like the unknown…aka I do not like having control.  How do I get there? What do I eat? Where will I pee? What shoes should I wear? Let me check the weather report one more time.  OK, OK, OH GOD, OH GOD.  What if I just sleep in, yeah, sleep in, that will take care of the problem. No, no, no, you cannot do that, you promised you would go. Wait, what if it rains? AHHHH….

I was scared and nervous (obviously), but I told myself to lean into my fears.  By leaning in, and by repeatedly leaning in, these no longer stay fears.  I knew in my heart of hearts going was the next right thing to do.  Therefore, this was going to require a lot of faith.  Despite my (self-centered) fears, I decided to trust God and to go along “GOD’S PLAN.”  Now, what the plan was…I did not know (more faith needed here).  All I knew to do was to show up.  And that is what I did.  I showed up and watched the day unfold…and let me tell you…it turned our to be great! It was not as I thought it would turn out, however, it unfolded perfectly just as God saw fit.

I had plenty of places to go to the bathroom and lots of food to eat (even when I packed sausages and Larabars).  The weather was just fine, and my feet did not ache like dogs.  Not once did I feel claustrophobic from the crowds,  nor did I get mad or upset because the day looked ‘different’ than my expectations. The day was filled twists and turns and adventures, including great coffee, engaging conversations, a spontaneous museum trip, immense gratitude, empowerment, and a tuba player.



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