Give it away to keep it they say! In getting and staying sober in a 12 step program, I have been blessed with a special gift to be able to help a select (particularly stubborn) group of people who define themselves as alcoholic or addict. To possess this gift I am sentenced to a lifetime of service, and it’s all I could have hoped for and MORE.

I have a home group where I show up every week and I volunteer my time. It’s filled with amazing people I would have never known in any other way.

I get to offer hope to newcomers who have lost the choice in drink and don’t know how to live with or without alcohol or drugs. There is something SERIOUSLY special about hanging around long enough to see a newcomer find themselves and commit to the program. It’s really amazing. 

I sponsor people and guide them through the twelve steps. Thank God for the sponsees in my life who make me a channel of the exact spiritual principles I need at that moment.

I have a host of family and friends who I support and support me. There is nothing that brings me more joy then celebrating a special moment with someone and nothing that feels better than showing up for a friend in need.

I put money in the basket to support my local meetings, state, and world offices. I work hard for the money, so hard for it honey, but sometimes someone else needs it more than me.

Heck, I even carry heavy packages into my sponsor house when asked. When someone puts your hand in Gods hand and re-ignites the light of your spirit, you don’t ask questions you just do it!

I even change the toilet paper roll EVERY TIME (to the best of my ability). AA has taught me that esteem-able acts builds self esteem, and I try to practice these principles in ALL my affairs!

What a gift?!


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