I’m so blessed today to have choices. Back when I was drinking, and before any knowledge of recovery, I did not understand why I made all the bad decisions I made. I did not want to go to fail classes, I did not want to feel like the scum of the earth on a daily basis, nor did I want to lie to my friends and family. However, I did do all of these things as I was a “Slave to King Alcohol.”  The spiral down continued as I felt guilt and remorse over said actions, then not knowing how to deal with these feelings I would drink yet again (hello powerlessness!).

Entering into sobriety gave me the gift of choice. I no longer “had” to drink. I now had other options when confronted with overwhelming feelings, including going to meetings, calling friends, reading literature, and prayer. I (still) feel such freedom from alcohol and cherish it deeply.

Recently, as mentioned before, I have given up sugar. I am reliving the same experience of freedom from sugar as I once did from alcohol. I love not “feeling” like I need chocolate, bread…[insert food of the moment]. I am able to make better informed decisions 3 times a day around food and feel closer to God than ever before. Removing barriers (alcohol, sugar, cigarettes, procrastination, intolerance, etc.) allows more room for God, and therefore peace.

Today I choose not to drink, I choose to not consume sugar. Today I choose God.  What barriers are keeping you from your Higher Power? What barriers are keeping you from moving towards greater peace and serenity? What choices have you made today?


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