I took a field trip to Al-Anon this morning, and on the way all of the trees were covered with a thin coat of ice from our wintry weather last night. The way sun shined on the ice it created this whimsical scene like everything had a silver lining. It was beautiful; it was a higher power existence re-affirming experience.

At the meeting the woman shared on the Seventh step, and she shared about how she acts “as if” by staying positive. She learned along the way that acting as if and changing her behavior is about developing new neurological pathways in the brain. All this starting me thinking. DANGER! (Just kidding)

Yesterday, I quit the gym. I spent all morning beforehand writing negative stories about how I would have to fight with them or they were going to hold me hostage and take up my whole morning. None of this happened. I was in and out in ten minutes, and the guy was wonderful. Last week when I got my award at work, my first reaction to my boss asking me in his office was, “What did I do wrong?”. Reflecting on this made me realize that I have created some negative neurological pathways in my brain that need re-wiring.

I did a quick Google search and there seems to be some legitimacy to re-wiring you brain and about the power of positivity in your life.  I think I’m going to give it more effort to act “as-if” myself and focus on my practice of positivity. Anyone else out there know more about the re-wiring your brain? Experiences to share on benefits of positivity?



2 thoughts on “Focus

  1. Creating new neuropathways is the essence of a spiritual experience for me, a profound alteration in my reaction to life. They are created with repetition, repetition and more repetition! I have the ability to create positive or negative ones, it depends what I want to repeat, repeat and repeat. Isn’t it such a beautiful thing that God has given each of us that choice. For me, asking God in Step 7 to remove my annoying traits says “i’m ready,” though God may not be. I believe my job has always been to act as if they have been removed repeatedly over and over and over again. Think there is a theme here!!!

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  2. It’s not just thinking that rewires your brain and created new neuropathways it’s behavior too! So when in the rooms we talk about “act as if” it’s legit like there’s science behind it. There’s actually science that backs all 12 steps.

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