Addiction can be a lonely road. Fortunately, recovery does not have to be.  This is a ‘we’ program; we recover together. I cannot grow, heal, and learn with out each and every one of you.  Everyone helps in different ways, sometimes through setting a meeting up, others through sharing, and others by just listening (or reading a blog).

Something special happens when you put a bunch of sober drunks together.  For me, I either hear the solution to my current problem, or I am able to help someone else.  The extra special thing is when I help someone else, they are helping me too.  Usually I give the exact advice that I need for myself. And then there is the added bonus that being of service makes me feel better. If anyone is struggling at all, struggling to reach out for help, remember, that by asking for help, you are in turn helping the other person.  My disease tells me I am terminally unique and tries to convince me into isolate.  Fellowship and recovery is the exact antidote.

Thank you all for contributing to my recovery today,


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