One Day At A Time

I learned to stop drinking one day at a time.  And most recently I stopped consuming sugar one day at a time.  I forgot how hard it can be to quit…well, anything.  But one of the biggest tools in my tool box is only trying to quit something one day at a time (or sometimes one minute at a time).

In early sobriety, I would tell myself I could always drink tomorrow.  And if I really wanted to drink I would tell myself I could drink tomorrow. Booze was not going anywhere. Every single time the craving left me within a day (and usually before that).  I remember feeling so much satisfaction and relief that I had the option to drink if I wanted to.  But for today, I was choosing to not drink.

Most recently I have decided to give up sugar after realizing my relationship with food was out of control as well as try to heal some health issues from the inside out.  Yesterday I found myself in a crazy, insane, stressful day at work with a lot of free pizza (never a good combo).  Boy, was the committee going through my head… you can have one slice of pizza, no one will know…you deserve the pizza, you have worked so hard today… piiiiiiizzzzzzzaaaaaaaaaaa. Thankfully, before I made a regrettable decision, I remembered all the tools I had learned from quitting drinking.  I ate my packed lunch first (fail to plan, or plan to fail), I told myself I could have pizza later if I really wanted it, I recognized I wanted the pizza based on stressful environment, and I reached out to a friend to tattle on crazy thoughts for support.  After all of these  interventions, I felt so much better (especially on a full stomach), and thankfully craving had passed.

My pizza craving gave me a healthy reminder of early sobriety.  I have not had a drink one day at a time for 9 years now, and sometimes my memories fade.  It is rare that I ever have a craving for alcohol or wish I could drink like a ‘normie.’ Yesterday’s experience reminded me how hard it was in early sobriety to not drink, and therefore, how much of a drunk I still am.  I am so so so grateful that I stopped drinking, however, I never ever ever want to go through early sobriety again.  Quitting sugar is not easy, but I know if I use all of my tools I have learned from quitting alcohol, I have a chance.

Does anyone else have any good tips or experience quitting a substance?  Or is anyone thinking about giving something up? I would love your help and advice.


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