Seriously Sober Blog Launch

Welcome to the launch of Seriously Sober Blog! We are just two recovering drunks who were inspired to carry our message of recovery and celebrate the milestones of living with alcoholism, addiction, and other mental illness with others. As we progress through our journey, we plan to entertain you through our whimsical designs and comical interpretations of life in recovery.

Feel free to follow along with our SO SOBER blog where we will be documenting our authentic – gut check honest – sharing on working the 12 steps, living by spiritual principles, surviving a spiritual awakening, and acting out in a dramatic hissy fit or two.

We are taught that our best asset in this world is sharing our experience with others, and we are on a mission to be of maximum service. We find authenticity to be the most relatable form of connection with folks, and our goal is to bring that to you. We hope you join us in our story. Enjoy.

3 thoughts on “Seriously Sober Blog Launch

      1. That’s the spirit, unless you are real, noone else can get help from you. We have enough #iambetterthanyou# fake bitches already


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